Mullahs Cannot Stop the Persian Reawakening

Iran is now saying that Neda was killed because she was mistaken for the sister of an Iranian "terrorist." A photograph of Neda Agha-Soltan on shows a beautiful young woman with shining hair and a winsome smile unfettered by the traditional Islamic garb worn by women in the Middle East. I've seen many women who look like Neda since February, 2007 when I met my first Persian.I was at the office of the New York Sun when I kept getting a call from a mysterious man who insisted on meeting me in person. He told me he was referred by a writer who writes for the New York Times and that he wanted to give me an important story. I checked out the writer who confirmed that she felt the Sun would be a better fit-in other words, this was not something the Times would be interested in but she thought it was worth exploring.It turns out the gentleman was an Iranian dissident and he wanted me to know what was going on in Iran because no one in the media wanted to publicize it....(Read Full Article)