Dear Senator Cornyn

Dear Senator Cornyn:I received your urgent letter today from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  You said that you needed to hear from "our Party's most trusted supporters, like you, as these important debates get underway in Washington." Thanks. It feels good to be needed and trusted.And thanks for enclosing the Republican Strategy Survey for me to fill out so that I can (according to the letter): "help our Republican Senators in Congress identify the priorities and concerns of our Party's core supporters...."But after reading the letter and studying the survey, I discovered that there is some sort of disconnect or miscommunication going on between us. I didn't realize that Republicans were so suddenly concerned with "the Democrat Senators' catering to special interests...."Let me see if I remember this correctly.  You, Senator Cornyn, voted for the first TARP bailout. That was a 700 billion dollar catering to special interests, if...(Read Full Article)