Brother, Can You Spare a Bulldozer

Progress to a Progressive, like President Obama, has come to mean something entirely different these days.  It's now about bulldozing blighted areas of cities rather than revitalizing them.  It's actually a big white flag raised over the bloating corpse of liberal tax, regulation and urban policies.  It's called "Shrink to Survive." The Left is billing the failure and decline of towns and cities, principally in the Northeast and Rust Belt, as inevitable.  Nothing can be done to reverse the trend, they say, so go with it.  Manage it smartly.  And, oh, by the way, don't blame us.  Likely, more than a few emperors and senators said the same thing as ancient Rome crumbled.  The cheerleader for this latest liberal fad is Dan Kildee, the Treasurer of Genesee County, Michigan.  He also has the President's ear.  And President Obama, not wanting to be off the cutting-edge, intends to take this fad national.   ...(Read Full Article)