Brits Melt Down over Naughty MPs

In these latter days parents no longer talk about children having tantrums.  They talk about meltdowns, as in nuclear plants.  In my day, of course, children didn't indulge in nuclear explosions.  I still remember the shock of reading The Secret Garden and the tantrums of its spoiled rich-bitch heroine, Mary Lennox.  No kid that I knew got to have tantrums.  It was telling, of course, that the young Yorkshire lad, Dickon, Mary's lower-class guide to the secrets of nature and gardening, did not have tantrums.Well, Britain is different now, for Brits of every age and class are having a collective meltdown over the shocking publication of the expenses claimed by their Members of Parliament.  As in all advanced countries, the British disapprove of highly-paid legislators, so the MPs long ago decided to top up their taxable incomes with tax-free allowances to compensate themselves for the agonizing expense of the second homes essential to the legislative...(Read Full Article)