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Guess who's going to be much better off thanks President Obama's health care scheme? I read a fascinating survey recently. According to Rasmussen,Forty-two percent (42%) of Americans say every one in the United States should have free health care. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 44% disagree.Wait a minute! Obama says we all want nationalized healthcare now, if not sooner. A survey asking if everyone should have free healthcare is like asking if Christmas should come again this year. Yet, it appears more Americans actually favor the evil healthcare status quo. The survey had another shocker:However, by a two-to-one margin (60% to 27%), Americans reject free health care for all if it means changing their own coverage and joining a program administered by the government.America, I'm sorry.  For months I have been convinced that you are uninformed, uninterested in the survival of the greatest healthcare system in the world. But I was wrong. Most of...(Read Full Article)