Who Are You Calling a Lemming?

I have tried all types of stress reduction techniques since the daily barrage of Obama photo-ops began.  Nothing works.  There is no escaping the media worship. Must I now endure lectures about the end of the Republican Party and how we can stop it from happening?  (Or why we can't.) The last straw hit the pile with the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News.  Columnist Steve Blow decided to join the fray with a condescending column addressed primarily to Conservatives in the Republican Party.  As support for his prescribed medicine, he mentions the cover of that icon of unbiased media, Time magazine, showing the elephant as an endangered species.  Then there was a fundraising letter he received from the elephant party "without a single positive proposal, just a lot of caterwauling about Obama?"  Caterwauling?  Poor Obama.And then there was this. "Republicans seem more intent on suicide than rebirth.  Rush Limbaugh...(Read Full Article)