The GOP's Prejean Moment

She's young, beautiful, articulate, patriotic, Christian, and most importantly, courageous.  To many on the left however Carrie Prejean, the current Miss California, is a bigoted, shameful, and intolerant homophobe.  What Carrie Prejean represents, in other words, is a modern day inkblot test of inestimable value to America's frustrated and exiled GOP.  If there was ever a time in this modern day Alice in Wonderland cultural climate for conservatives to take a stand on something and shake the political world upside down, that time is now.What can Carrie Prejean do for America and the GOP?  For starters, she can drive a very deep wedge into the heart of "Generation Y" - those legions of swooning Obama youth who may have single handedly delivered America over to the radical left in the last election.  While many liberals fashion their identities by atoning for anything traditionally American, Prejean can help persuade young people that patriotism,...(Read Full Article)