Suckers United for Change

Now that we're more than 100 days into the Obama presidency, the handwriting is on the wall regarding our new leader's game plan for America.  Spend other people's money like a Madoff on steroids.  Let every enemy on the planet know there's a wimp in the White House. Let every ally know the wimp in the White House will do nothing to help them when push comes to shove.  Let the 50 states know there's a power coup in play that strips them of constitutionally guaranteed liberties.  Let every company know that neither they nor their non-union employees are safe from Chicago-Way thugs and their mouthpieces in the media.  Let the 300 million American citizens know that the rule of law, applied equally to all, is about to be replaced by special favoritism in the form of "empathy."All in all, one would need to be a numbskull not to see banana republic written all over the current administration and its intent.If asked for a word to describe an Obama voter,...(Read Full Article)