Sixty Years after a failed Hope and a realized Dream

On May 2, 1949, sixty years ago, the State of Israel was admitted to the United Nations.  These two creations of post-war mankind were, in many ways, intertwined.  The Holocaust, of course, has cast an inhuman shadow over every political impulse since the end of the Second World War.  It was not just the Jews of the world who said "Never again!" but it was also every decent soul who could grasp the enormity of what Hitler and his subordinate demons had done.  And it was not just those directly affected by the equally unthinkable horrors of the Second World War who said "Never again!" but it was every civilized soul on the planet.In the aftermath of the Great War (which is what the First World War was, for many years, called), the idea of an international college of nations -- something bandied about by many good men before the war -- became profoundly serious.  In the aftermath of the Dreyfus Case, the pogroms of the last Romanovs, and the...(Read Full Article)