Oh, for a Western

I don't see Westerns playing at the theaters these days.  Of course, I don't watch movies much.  I find most of today's films to be glorifications of extreme violence or of some degenerate lifestyle, if not outright statist propaganda.  The last decent movie I saw was the beautifully done Gettysburg, which I think was made for TV.  I do see animated movies with my daughter, but even those often have underlying radical messages.  When I was a boy (a long time ago) many of the movies were Westerns as were many shows on early TV.  In those days, the most common boy's game was Cowboys and Indians.  Now I have nothing against Indians.  Unfortunately they lost, despite putting up a brave fight, a fight that was a lot more ruthless than waterboarding.  No Geneva Convention in those days.  Did they get a bad deal?  Yes, but their bravery is remembered in the many school teams named after them.  Were I of Indian heritage, I would be...(Read Full Article)