Media still lying about the Swift Boat Veterans

Five years ago, a group of Vietnam veterans came forward at the National Press Club in Washington to dispute the "war hero" stories that formed the basis of candidate John Kerry's presidential campaign, and to challenge the claims of rampant US war crimes Kerry had used to launch his political career 33 years earlier -- false accusations, they said, that helped to poison the reputations of a generation of American troops.  The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth included Kerry's entire former chain of command from Vietnam and dozens of eyewitnesses to his actions there.  Kerry, the veterans said, was not fit to be America's Commander-in-ChiefThe Swift Vets intended to hold a single press conference and go home, thinking that Kerry would quickly be withdrawn as the nominee of his party.  However, instead of reporting the veterans' charges accurately, the Democrat-dominated media either ignored or disparaged their testimony.  In response, the Swift Vets planned...(Read Full Article)