Does Barack Obama believe Israel is a sovereign state?

Does Barack Obama believe Israel is a sovereign state?  Wednesday, his diplomatic mouthpiece Hillary Clinton said Israel must stop all settlement activity -- outposts, new settlements and natural growth of existing settlements.  What exactly is natural growth of existing settlements? It means adding a new room to a home within the boundaries of a settlement if a family gets larger, say though a new baby, or building a new home in this settlement, if a couple gets married.  In essence, Obama is now telling Israelis not to have children and not to marry. Such a friend. Does anyone really believe that adding on that new room or that new home,  is what has stopped the Arabs and Palestinians from making peace with Israel the last 40 years? Virtually all Americans, whether from the Clinton or Bush administrations, who have participated in The Israeli Palestinian negotiating track since the Oslo process began, have accepted that most of the settlements near the...(Read Full Article)