Cloward-Piven Crisis Care

The fear of a swine flu pandemic may be a crisis too good  for President Obama to waste in his quest to take over national health care. Chaos is becoming a commodity for an ideologically driven Obama Administration, which appears to depend on crisis to promote policy initiatives. Barack Obama has shown himself proficient at utilizing negative circumstances as tactical policy initiators and seems to benefit politically by"...discovering opportunity in the midst of great crisis."  The president's ability to exploit crises is reminiscent of the controversial teachings of Columbia University political scientists, Frances Fox Piven and Richard Andrew Cloward. Inspired by the Obama mentor -- radical community organizer Saul Alinsky -- these two sixties social revolutionaries taught that upheaval is something that should "never be wasted" and that political change can be fostered through "...orchestrated crisis." Two skills Barack Obama proficiently...(Read Full Article)