California, a Failed State

California is facing economic failure resulting from years of a liberal legislature pursuing a liberal version of utopia.  The liberal utopia has become the Forgotten Man's hell.  California has been at the forefront of many trends in America including a tax revolt that led to Proposition 13. Is it time for a repeat?Californians have just given the raspberry to the state's legislature's plan to fix the current budget deficit. Had the initiatives passed, California would only be under water by $15B as opposed to the current $21B, and that number is sure to rise as unemployment in the state rises. The plan was inadequate and the 22% of the voters who saw fit to vote saw through the charade of the ballot initiatives for what they were -- which was a band aid to cover the twin cancers of structural tax deficiencies and partisan politics masquerading as thoughtful dialog. The Golden State has lost its luster. California ranks 48th out of 50 in business tax climate according to...(Read Full Article)