A Wind Blows Against The Political Spectrum

Those who plot people and issues along the political spectrum of left, right, and in-between may be late to perceive a new wind blowing from outside their perspective.It blows invisibly, this wind. We can't see it, only what it occasionally stirs up. It's gaining velocity across the nation. When it blows hard enough, it will move The Spectrum.Big media plots politics and politicians along The Spectrum. That's all they know. It's how they think. How they entertain. Sell ads. In their delivery, they imitate the characters of courtroom theater. Prosecution v Defense leads to Jury decision. Mostly, they play one role or the other, prosecutor or defense attorney, depending on how they feel about the politician or the issue.Politicians, on the other hand, are scripted to argue opposite sides, rail at each other, then tootle off arm-in-arm to dine. Their verbal sparing represents their respective clients. No hard feelings. A day later they can deliver unctuous introductions for each other....(Read Full Article)