When Affirmative Action Is A Quota System

Years ago I worked in a clinical psychology division of a university psychology department.  In our division we had ten white males as faculty, with no women or minorities.  I advocated considering women and minority candidates for possible hire, although I did not advocate that we must hire specific individuals.  I currently teach in a Hispanic-serving university, and care greatly about my Hispanic students. The supporters of affirmative action often deny that the hiring or award of a position in a university was a quota, but if they were honest they would have to admit that a quota system was involved in  many cases, when it was decided in advance that the job will only go to a minority, or a promotion, tenure, or resources will only go to a woman.  These examples involve a quota system: the next person hired will be Black or there will be X number or percentage of women with tenure, etc. This is what a quota is all about.According to dictionary.com, a quota...(Read Full Article)