The Worrisome Educator

Penn State University's "Department of Counseling and Psychological Services" has a video presentation that should leave any decent American shocked, saddened, and yes, even enraged.  Credit David French of National Review Online for posting what might be the most definitive four minute expose on the tragedy of higher education in America.  Indeed, Penn State's shameful video production of "The Worrisome Veteran" can provide all Americans some priceless insights into the kind of surreal institutions liberals create when left unchecked."The Worrisome Veteran" is part of Penn State's "Worrisome Student Behaviors" video series which is designed to provide faculty and students the ability to "minimize risk" when encountering problematic students on campus.  Each video presents actors reenacting possible confrontations that may occur in various environments and suggests appropriate responses. The subtitle of the...(Read Full Article)