The Democrats' Magic Bullet

Not that many people are aware that Arlen Specter was the staffer who developed the Warren Commission's "magic bullet" theory. The Democrats, with Specter's announced shift from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, now have their magic bullet to ensure that Barack Obama gets what he wants in his first two years in office: healthcare reform, climate change legislation, and appointments to his Administration and to various federal courts.  So far, there is every appearance that the Democrats are welcoming Specter with open arms, and attempting to clear the field for him to be the Democratic nominee in Pennsylvania in 2010. Suburban Philadelphia Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak had his eyes set on running for the Senate seat in 2010 and has not agreed to roll over (yet), but Specter would be favored to win if there were a Democratic primary, and if President Obama and Democratic Senators from around the country helped him raise money and campaigned for him. Of...(Read Full Article)