The Celebrity President

Americans have a long-standing infatuation with celebrities. We respect their talents, envy their looks, and imitate their style. We are captivated by their money and fame, and immerse ourselves in their world in order to escape our own mundane existence.The vast separation between their reality and our fantasy has led to a perception of these select individuals as godlike figures. The emergence of Barack Obama marries American popular culture and American politics. Unfortunately, as a result, mounting evidence suggests that up to this point the general public has disconnected Obama the celebrity from Obama the politician.For example, a recent Associated Press poll (conducted April 16th-20th) indicated that for the first time in years Americans believe that the country is headed in the right direction (48% to 44%). Also, the latest CNN/Opinion Research Poll (conducted April 23rd-26th) finds that Obama has a 63% job approval rating, and 75% of Americans...(Read Full Article)