Sinking Islands or Stinking Islands?

The headline on Monday read, "Climate refugees in Pacific flee rising seas". Boy did the editors get this one wrong.  A more accurate caption would have been, "Jesse Jackson-like shake-down gets tribe taken off tropical trash heap". A focus of the story was the tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu.  Apparently New Zealand responded to the phony cries of a few goo-goo activists, and is now convinced that unless the Tuvaluans are allowed to immigrate, they'll soon be blubbing with the fish.  Of course, the calculable cause of this sinkage is a steadily rising sea fed by anthropogenic global warming.  Rubbish. Literally.For decades there have been ridiculous rumors of islands sinking due to rising waters.  The Tuvaluan fantasy has been especially propagated by Al Gore's brilliant work of fiction, An Inconvenient Truth.  In the flick he actually refers to several islands, including Tuvalu, claiming that because of melting polar ice,...(Read Full Article)