Singing the Jews Blues

They're singing the blues, the Jews Blues. And with it the stage has been set for the elimination of the Jewish state and a grim future for Jews in the United States.  If the result sought is that "we are all anti-Semites now," then the Jews Blues are the means to that end.In music, the blues simultaneously direct sadness and anger at a person or situation, empathically pulling listeners into agreement. The rhetorical blues do the same, offering elites a way to shift the blame for policy and social failures to selected individuals and groups. This creates a background consensus of opprobrium, against which we hear heightened, often murderous rhetoric about groups and/or individuals ...and shrug our shoulders. "Ah, we hear it all the time, everyone knows Jews are traitors (or military veterans are terrorists, conservatives are fascists, etc.). Move on (no pun intended, although is the quintessential ‘blues' organization specializing in scurrilously...(Read Full Article)