Regrets only

Watching Barack Obama this past week was painful.  The new president went out of his way to apologize for America's flaws.  His groveling won rave reviews from some foreigners, the American mainstream media, and others who hold the United States in contempt. A key component to Obama's approach was apologetically groveling. Expressing regrets about America is something that apparently comes easily to Obama.  Certainly he's had enough experience in apologizing for his own fumbles.He said he was sorry for comparing his bowling prowess to the Special Olympics.  He had to call Nancy Reagan and apologize for saying she held séances in the White House.  Last May, he told a local TV reporter he was sorry for calling her "sweetie."  The following month two Muslim women wearing headscarves weren't allowed to sit behind candidate Obama at a campaign rally.  Of course, he called them to express regret for the incident.In 2007, he claimed we...(Read Full Article)