Policing the Prosecutors

In recent years service as a successful crusading prosecutor has been a pathway to political success (See Giuliani and Spitzer, for example) and high paying positions in the private sector. At the same time, to me anyway, there has been an increasingly suspicious overreaching by too many prosecutors. The courts, bar associations and the Department of Justice are not exercising sufficient supervision of their work, for us to feel comfortable with the enormous power they wield. In the case of the Duke lacrosse team -- and in many of the high profile cases  in which the prosecution's conduct has looked less than kosher to me --the press, desirous I suppose of inside scoops leaked to it by the prosecution, never really questions this conduct or fairly reports what the defendants turn up as the case proceeds. Mike Nifong would probably still be in office no matter what happened in that dreadful case had it not been for the brilliant (and expensive) defense team and the hard work...(Read Full Article)