Penalizing Prudence

Discretion and common sense are sinful qualities when the taxman cometh.One of the Cardinal Virtues is under intense fire this week.  Prudence -- the ability to govern and discipline oneself while using skill and good judgment in the use of resources -- is a foreign concept to the U.S. tax code.  As my wife and I filed our returns recently, we were particularly painfully reminded this year how our federal and state governments scam the prudent professionals of this country.And when we finally looked at our tax advisor in despair with how much we owed, he sighed with the following piece of advice for next year: "Don't work so hard, buy a house, and have lots of kids."Working hard has worked for us this year.  It has allowed us to save for emergencies.  It has given us the opportunity to plan for the future.  It has provided advancements in education and licensing.  And it has been a blessing to donate to charities more of a percentage of our...(Read Full Article)