Our planet is no Arcadia

It wasn't long ago that anyone suggesting that climate warming was questionable didn't register a pulse with the public majority, but now that has changed. More and more people are challenging the dogma of the so-called climate Gurus, and for good reason.With regard to climate warming, politicians are being misled, ecologists are being misled, scientists are being misled and the public is being misled. It is a chain reaction created by spurious science that is fostering unnecessary anxiety and wasting money that could well be spent on more critical matters. For instance, in the current issue of the French magazine "Geo", a questionnaire asked its readers what they thought the most threatening menace over the last 30 years was. The leading answer was global warming; second, with merely 30% of the readers, was terrorism. As a further example of the hysteria generated by global warming alarmists, here is an article that recently appeared in London's Telegraph: "Global...(Read Full Article)