Lee Hamilton: Eminence Grise of Obama's Middle East Policy

Every administration has its version of fixers, kitchen Cabinets, fellow travelers, and advisers who may never have to endure Senate confirmation hearings or show up on the government's payroll, yet can wield wide influence on an administration.  The highest title that can be bestowed on such a person would be that of an eminence grise (French for "grey influence") who is a powerful advisor operating behind the scenes or through like-minded acolytes whom he has helped to place in positions of power. That man for the Obama administration in the realm of foreign policy toward Iran and the rest of the Middle East would be former Indiana Representative Lee Hamilton. As Washington Post columnist David Ignatius wrote earlier in the year:If you ask White House officials whom President Obama listens to about Iran, they mention an interesting name -- Lee Hamilton, the former congressman from Indiana who co-chaired the 2006 Iraq Study Group that urged engagement with the Iranian...(Read Full Article)