In Search of the Ultimate Oxymoron: Humane War

The renewed debate over enhanced interrogation techniques is just another episode in the hopelessly naive search for the ultimate oxymoron -- humane war."Shocks the conscience" is a key phrase in the CIA documents that the Obama administration released. Obama's motive for releasing the memos is fertile ground for speculation. (If it's part of his strategy to be a uniter, it isn't working.)It's difficult not to assume it had something to do with politics beyond the stated motive of promoting transparency in government. The Federal Government is as inherently transparent as lead, except in cases of dramatic waste and incompetence. It's equally hard to assume that all those who say the interrogations represent us "losing our moral bearings," as the President said we had, are suffering from shock to their consciences. Some inside the Beltway are just pretending to be shocked. Particularly those who were briefed at the time the CIA's efforts to gain information from...(Read Full Article)