Hillary at the Latin American Summit

President Obama got an earful about "Yankee imperialism" last week at the Latin American Summit. Nicaragua's pedophile President, Daniel Ortega, led the verbal lynch mob with a 50 minute rant no different, in essence, from the daily lectures at most U.S. colleges and Universities by most U.S. professors of Latin American History. Alas, a few of those professors occasionally get a rebuttal. And I can think of a dandy for President Obama's next run-in with the Nicaraguan Communist/pedophile: "The U.S. military interventions you denounce, Mr Ortega, in fact kept many Latin-American nations from degenerating into even worse pestholes. As exhibit A, I present your own Nicaragua. Under the "U.S.-backed" Somoza regime (in fact Jimmy Carter imposed an arms and economic embargo against Somoza to smooth your way to power) Nicaraguans enjoyed a per-capita income almost DOUBLE the one during your Sandinista regime, not to mention the normal gamut of freedoms, from travel...(Read Full Article)