Bruce Walker's The Swastika Against the Cross

For more than a year now, Bruce Walker has been publishing essays at American Thinker that read like Bach preludes -- tiny compositions that are so simple, and so perfect, that they could be composed only by a genius.If you (as I) were wondering what Walker could do with a bit more elbowroom, get your hands on a copy of The Swastika Against the Cross.  In this tightly focused, exceptionally powerful book Walker fills a gap left by virtually every historian of Nazi Germany.  More precisely, Walker shows - proves, really - that Hitler's war against the Jews was merely a prelude to the war he planned to wage against Christianity.  And he neatly demolishes the current myth that Christians, and in particular Catholics, stood by while Hitler and his Nazi Stormtroopers embarked on their ghastly plans to rid Germany, and Europe itself, of its Jews:"The religion of the Nazis was much close to Islam or Hinduism than it was to Christianity.  The Nazis hated...(Read Full Article)