Barry Honey, Can We Talk about Torture?

My dear Mr. President, I've just finished reading the formerly top-secret, classified CIA memos detailing interrogation techniques used in the aftermath of 9/11.  And frankly, Barry honey, I'm shocked.Positively shocked that any President of the U.S.A. would make such documents public knowledge.As a mother, who has invested blood, sweat, tears and every last vestige of my natural hair color into raising my children, I am appalled at the apparent casualness with which you are handling your #1 duty, protecting the lives of American citizens.  At this very minute, I'm considering forming a new organization, Mothers Against Wimpy Defense.  Before I start organizing millions of mothers with strollers and grade-schoolers in tow to march on the White House, perhaps I could attempt a bit of verbal negotiation.  Not only have you given terrorists enough comedy at America's expense to fuel Al Jazeera for the entire time span of your presidency, you've told their plotters and...(Read Full Article)