An Apology to Israel and the Rest of America's True Friends and Allies

President Obama, as befits a true leftist, has been apologizing vociferously to the world for not only all of the horrible things George W. Bush did, but apparently also for the rest of us lowly Americans for being "arrogant" and "dismissive" toward Europe. I'll bet Eurolitists are practically wetting their pants at the admission of an American president that even though George W. Bush is out of office, the Ugly American is alive and well.

Additionally, he made sure America received its share of the blame of the world economic crisis. By doing so, I suppose he's just trying to make up for that blasted arrogance.

Obama also groveled at the feet of the "Muslim world" (no, there are no Christian and Jewish worlds, but thank you for asking) by declaring that the U.S. is not at war with Islam. He's right, we're not. Factions of Islam are at war with us and the rest of the West. And don't forget that bow to King Abdullah of the nation responsible for much of the financing of radical Islam. The MSM has pretty much ignored this embarrassing breach of protocol - heads of state do not bow and scrape to one another - but I find it interesting that Obama didn't make the same mistake with Queen Elizabeth. The only thing we heard about was Michelle Obama daring to touch Her Majesty, over which Larry King hyperventilated on his television show. Time to take that paper bag and put it over your head, Larry.

But now, as the first leg of the World Apology TourTM has come to its end and Obama must once again endure the tedium of the White House, I thought I'd take up the torch and deliver a few apologies that Obama seems to have forgotten. In the spirit of leftists everywhere, I offer the following:

  • I'm sorry, Israel, that our president has seen fit to throw the oldest and most stable democracy in the Middle East under the bus. From his first call as president to Mahmoud Abbas to his funding of millions to Gaza victims, to his New Year's video address to Iran to his reaching out to the Taliban to cut a deal - not to mention his willingness to adopt the Saudi "peace" plan, Barack Obama has made it clear that the fate of a nation the size of New Jersey, surrounded by enemies that want to drive her people into the sea, is no longer a top priority. So much for standing up for the little guy.
  • I'm sorry, Poland and Czech Republic, that our president seems to be ready to renege on a deal made by President Bush to create a defense missile shield that would protect those nations from the aggression of Russia. Supposedly, in return for this concession, Russia will lend its assistance in talking Iran out of continuing its nuclear weapons program. As Obama rolls over for Putin's lapdog Medvedev, it's the former Soviet satellite nations that may well end up playing dead - for keeps.
  • I'm sorry, Britain, that Obama cared so little about our historic alliance that he treated Gordon Brown like a poor relation on Brown's first visit to the White House under the Obama administration. I'm also sorry that we have a leader who, rather than help pull your nation back from the abyss of kowtowing to radical Islam and other liberal PC claptrap, seems ready to drag us down with you.
  • I'm sorry, Lebanon. Rumor has it that the U.S. is behind a deal that would spare Syrian leadership from prosecution regarding their alleged involvement in the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. Meanwhile, Syria's been busy building a missile base, dispersing nuclear facilities throughout the country, and are building a chemical weapons plant in the northeast.

Even the Old Europe nations (France, Germany, etc.) with the most to gain from an Obama presidency are finding out that the glamorous rock star isn't all he's cracked up to be. Seems Obama is intent on sticking his nose in their business when it comes to who is allowed in the European Union and who is not, which has a few other noses bent out of joint. Apparently George Bush held the same views, but managed to say it in a way that didn't upset anyone. Yet he was the most embarrassing president of all time, no?

But then, all of this is what you get when you elect a rabble rouser Alinskyite community organizer as leader of the once-free world. Enjoy the hope and change while it lasts.

Pam Meister is editor of and contributes to Pajamas Media and Big Hollywood. The opinions expressed here are her own.
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