Drip, drip, drip -- the MSM coverup of the Presidential bow before the financier of radical Islam

You have to look really hard to find it, but the American mainstream media are glancing at the stunning Obama bow before the King of Saudi Arabia, but only for the purpose of dismissing it.

The Hotline, widely-read among political pros, publishes a brief note focusing on conservative blog reactions, not the incident itself, in its "Blogometer" feature. The implication is that only right wing kooks care about such matters.

Quite clearly, many in the media would rather nobody reported on the incident, but since news is leaking out, they feel a need to minimize it, and make sure nobody important ever sees the full extent of the leader of the free worlds' self-abasement before a slave-holding absolute monarch, whose country exports Salafism worldwide.

The only honest and reasonable full account comes fromt he other side of the world.  A newspaper in Brisbane, Australia notices, and even publishes a picture, comparing the Michelle touch of the Queen (highly publicized) witht eh Obama demi-prostration.

Where, oh where is Bill O'Reilly and his body language analyst Tonya Reiman?