The Instinct of the Clueless

President Obama has got it all wrong.  The problem with the economy is not greedy bankers trousering their multi-million dollar bonuses.  So his plan to fix the banks and tighten up on financial regulation misses the point.The problem with this economy, with this nation, is greedy politicians and political activists.  We are not talking about money greed either, although politicians have always insisted on their share of the loot.  We are talking about a deeper, darker greed: the greed for power, for adulation, for ordering people about.The president's new bank plan gives the government vast new powers.  Well of course it does.  Governments always think that the solution to a problem is an increase in government power. It is surely time to update Dr. Johnson's famous saying: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."  I think we need to change the old saying into something we can believe in, something like this:Compulsion is the first...(Read Full Article)