Superficially Wise (But Actually Foolish) Sayings of Smart People - 2

Our first foray into the realm of pseudo-wisdom has to be rated an unqualified success. I received more than 100 comments and another thirty or so e-mails directly. Most of these were entries into the Contest-Without-A-Prize, and most quite good.  (There were a few who damned me as some sort of moral relativist and anti-intellectual - quite a come-uppins for a strict Kantian and committed theist - but if the shoe fits, wear it, I say. Even if it pinches about the toes.) But I am not quite ready to close the books just yet -- I think one more go-around is justified, before age withers and custom stales the extremely finite variety of this formula.For those taking this thing as a contest seriously, I will tell you that the current front runner is Charles Cammock, and his suggestion of a well-known phrase of Nietzsche's (here, in the version I prefer), 'That which does not destroy me, makes me stronger.' This one was also very high on my list, since this utter nonsense has become a...(Read Full Article)