President Obama's Miscalculated Transparency

In the end, it may be Obama's transparency that does him in. Not the kind he promised in the campaign, of course. More and more supporters are waking up to the reality of the man they helped put into the White House.  In a sweeping but concise recounting on how President Obama's agenda is now all but lost, largely through a dead-on-arrival proposed budget, Byron York  inasmuch predicts  Obama may be already a lame duck president barely 60 days into his first term. How is this possible? How did it happen?Much is made of the popular but overused word "transparency". Nearly every challenger for public office claims the incumbent is mired in secret deal making, cover ups and conspiracies to reward special interests who are the only ones with limited access to the truth.  Obama himself repeatedly vowed to bring "transparency" to the presidency.  He's certainly accomplished that, in spades.Which is precisely Obama's problem and why his presidency...(Read Full Article)