Obese Government Needs Bypass Surgery

Yes, the era of big government is over.   It's been supplanted by an era of obese government. Ignoring its own Surgeon General's warnings that obesity is hazardous to your health, the federal government has grown to outlandish proportions.  Paradoxically, sizable growth is occurring even in the form of government programs to warn us about the dangers of growing excessively fat.  With several agencies already ingesting funds for "obesity awareness" and other such indispensable services, a subcommittee of the House Agriculture Committee is presently expending our resources in hearings to determine how much more government must consume to squash the problem of too much consumption.  Meanwhile, in another compartment of the Capitol Rotunda --  which, in my mind's eye, instead of a symbol of the beauty of self-government, has lately come to represent an impossibly distended, great white belly -- the Secretary of the...(Read Full Article)