Obama appoints Rush Limbaugh leader of the opposition

Rush Limbaugh ‘just an entertainer?" Well, Mark Twain was an entertainer. But he was also one of the finest satirical voices in our history, a searing mocker of our national conscience at the time of Reconstruction. He made people laugh until it hurt, but his aim was fundamentally moral.  For the Chairman of the Republican Party to call Limbaugh "just an entertainer" is both inaccurate and political suicide.  Michael Steele saw that quickly, and apologized.  ‘Nuff said. Steele allowed himself to slip on CNN's carefully scripted banana peel, but he knew better. Most of our media Neanderthals don't. They really are ignorant, and the more cocksure they sound, the more you can be sure they don't get the Limbaugh phenomenon. After all, they aren't picked for their capacity for independent thought. Our media artistes begin as Party hacks, like Stephanopoulos, Matthews, Moyers and Russert. They're picked for their completely predictable mindset....(Read Full Article)