Liberal Authoritarianism and Earth Hour

Got up this morning and shoveled 4 inches of Global Warming off my driveway.I updated the old weather joke because it actually did snow 4 inches last night -- a "Midwest Express" that roared through the plains bringing a springtime blast of winter's dying breath. We are likely to have a couple more of these little surprises before we can officially celebrate the advent of the warming season. It better get here quick. Opening Day is a week from Tuesday.I also altered the cliché above in honor of "Earth Hour" - one of those earnest, silly liberal attempts at "raising the consciousness" of people about one cause or another. Who can forget such planet altering events as "Hands Across America" or "Live Aid" concerts, or the "Let's Give More Money to Africa so the Kleptocrats can fatten their Swiss Bank Accounts" concert? The total impact on public policy and probably on people's "consciousness" was about the same...(Read Full Article)