He'll Only Break Your Heart

A Note to America from a Concerned Family MemberI owed it to you to give him a chance.  I watched him.  I listened to him.  I read about him.  And as I learned who he really was and what he really wanted, it became harder and harder for me to bite my tongue.  It was too much to hope that you would see this on your own, and now it's time someone told you what you need to hear.You hang on his every word.  Each of his silver-tongued pronouncements takes you higher, draws you closer, beckons you to drink deeper.  You want to believe the promises of a better life, of being whisked away to a place where danger can't find you, of a place where your heart can stay intact.  He promises you the world and he gives you something to believe in.The truth is, he's just not that into you, he's into the idea of what you could be.  He's into a place he calls America, but it looks nothing like you.  The America I love will be gutted and rebuilt. ...(Read Full Article)