Heads Roll in Havana, Baffling 'Cuba Experts'

The very week Obama proposed cozying up to Castro by dropping some economic and travel sanctions, the biggest political shake-up in twenty years rattled Cuba's regime. Last week Raul Castro purged almost twenty regime officials. The most prominent among the purged were the youngest and most reform-minded (as these things are measured within a Stalinist regime), and they've all been replaced by diehard Stalinist septuagenarians with military and secret police backgrounds.The provisions of Obama's olive branch to Castro are tucked inside his $410 billion spending bill awaiting a vote this very week. They issue largely from recommendations in a recent "Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations," titled "Changing Cuba Policy" and heartily endorsed by the ranking Republican on that Committee, Senator Richard Lugar. "Positive developments are occurring in Cuba," says the Lugar report, composed after some in his staff visited with Cuban Stalinist officials...(Read Full Article)