Deliver Us from Fear

Just listen to liberal politicians today, and one common theme shines through -- fear.  They speak of an unfettered and corrupted capitalist system, of society's downtrodden and forgotten, and even of an unjust and baseless war.  But lost in all their rhetoric is the fact that fear isn't theirs and theirs alone.Face it, we're one scared country.Most people would say we began losing our way in September of 2001, but I'd argue it started well before that.  We've basically lived in fear of society's deterioration since the end of World War II, when the United States emerged as a nuclear superpower, and became the target of various governments, dictatorships, religions and political ideologies pinpointing America as an evil influence on the world.Then the forces of the cultural left sprouted in our own country, telling us our post-war society was sexist, racist and imperialistic.  They told us our moralistically conservative parents were paternalistic, old-fashioned...(Read Full Article)