Condoms don't protect souls

I was so angry when I read about the attacks on the Pope that I cleaned up my room. Really. If these attacks continue I'll be cleaning up last night's dishes.The Pope is right to advance the truth that AIDS is a "tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, and that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which aggravates the problems."  As a bachelor, of course, do I really need another lesson on how to put a condom on an organic banana? No.  Indeed, I openly wonder if sex educators are getting off on this kind of stuff.  In How to put on a condom correctly! , however, the sex instructor informs me how to place a condom on an erect cucumber, which is great practice if dating a male rhinoceros. Secularists, to be sure, believe that abstinence and monogamy are unrealistic, as opposed to fisting and foursomes.  But a recycling sermon is always welcome: "Latex doesn't break down in water, so don't flush it, and it certainly isn't...(Read Full Article)