Turkey's Prime Minister Leads His Country Down a Destructive Path

It is dismaying to see a country I have admired and worked for propelling itself outside the mainstream of western civilization.  Epic statesman Kemal Ataturk,  founder of the Turkish republic,  replaced religiously ordered Ottoman society (the Sultan was caliph of all Sunni Moslems) with pride in Turkishness.  Secularism, protected by the army, became a core value of the Turkish state in modernizing a once great country which lagged behind European nations (Turkey straddles Europe and Middle East). Western-looking modernizations included replacing the Arabic alphabet with the Roman, separating mosque from state, and elevating the status of women.  The culmination of the innovations initiated by Ataturk (who died in 1938) was seen by many Turks in the late 1990s -- euphorically -- as Turkey's eventual entrance into the European Union.  But secular politicians in Turkey turned out to be corrupt and dysfunctional.   The...(Read Full Article)