The Rhetorical President

The use of language to persuade is a skill much admired since ancient times.  Few people become leaders without the ability to move others to agree with their arguments.  Rightly understood, rhetoric is only one of the tools of persuasion; the other two, logic and dialectic, are required to truly change peoples' minds.  During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama awed the media and voters alike with his rhetorical skills.  He continues to awe as he uses rhetorical manipulation to sell the stimulus package to the American public. Legitimate rhetoric balances the skills of public speaking with sound logic and appeals to commonality with the audience on the issue at hand.  It is an understatement to say that Barack Obama is skilled at using the language of his opponents to sell his ideas.  During the 2009 campaign, he convinced a significant number of evangelicals that he was one of them.  He convinced people of polar opposite points of view that he...(Read Full Article)