The hatred that never dies

The hatred that never dies was alive and well this last month in the streets of London. The Gaza War was notable for the horrible scenes that erupted in European and British streets. Who can forget the sight of British bobbies running for their lives in London as mobs of screaming Muslims chased them with impunity. The long awaited Israeli response to the relentless Palestinian Arab aggression by the Hamas regime in Gaza led not to understanding and support from the world but instead to mass anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hysteria.The international mainstream media did not accept the overwhelming justification of Israel's need to defend its citizens from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad missile blitz. Instead, it piled on one false Hamas propaganda claim after another without verification. Journalists and editors in the print and electronic media simply abrogated their responsibilities in checking facts. They left their readers and viewers with inflammatory stories that have since been proven...(Read Full Article)