The Difference Between Change and Reform

Did you notice that when Gov. Sarah Palin was campaigning for vice-president she talked about "reform?"  Candidate Obama campaigned on a different theme, "Change We Can Believe In."  In case you weren't paying attention, he had the slogan on the emblazoned on the front of his lectern.The word "Change" is a curious one.  In politics it is most often used in the context of "Time for a Change." It speaks to the periodic need to throw the rascals out.  But in left-speak it means something more.  It evokes the need for "social change" or "transformative change."  Change in this sense means the secular hope for salvation in this world that the left substitutes for the transcendental hope of religion.Conservatives do not subscribe to the notion of secular salvation.  We believe that salvation only comes in the next world.  So we don't need to inject transcendental hope into politics.  We...(Read Full Article)