The Audacity of the Obamas

Who would have thought that a CEO position would be tiring? And not just any CEO but the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, the Commander in Chief and the Messiah. Apparently Barack Obama had no idea that all of that hard work would actually be just that -- hard work. I suppose he thought the job of POTUS would be just as much fun as the two years he spent on the campaign trail. He must have been under the illusion that the citizens of this great country would swoon over his tax cheating choices for cabinet members and staff, and that the kool-aid buzz evident during the campaign would keep the media brainwashed for the four years of his term.Unfortunately for Obama, the buzz is quickly wearing off. And apparently, he is realizing that because after just two weeks of living in America's most famous mansion, what did the Obamas do? They escaped the stress of the job and ran to a local public elementary school to read books with seven year olds. According to...(Read Full Article)