Obama's Letter to Ahmadinejad

SatireDear Mahmoud,I won! (I just love saying that.) And as promised throughout my historic campaign, I am now reaching out to you Mahmoud, Holocaust denier, funder of terrorism, despotic ruler of Iran. This symbolic gesture of my respect is just the beginning of my grand plan to bolster my rightful place in history. For while Americans have been deliriously celebrating my election as the first African American President of the United States, Arabs the world over are celebrating the election of the first President of the United States descended from Muslims. And to show my gratitude for the vast support of the Muslim world, I very graciously gave my first media interview on Al Arabiya. I finally felt free to discuss my Muslim roots; the rich ancestry of which I am so very proud.So now dear friend, feel free to call me by my Allah given name, Barack Hussein Obama. And while I quite enjoyed the citizens of this great country calling me the Messiah, I am absolutely thrilled that I can...(Read Full Article)