Modern Feminists and their Folly

I was still a teenager when the second wave of feminist activism began with the publication of Betty Friedan's "The Feminist Mystique". There was something off about the whole movement but I was too young to recognize what it was that turned me off. At first I thought it was because of the blatant hostility towards the male species, of whom I'm quite fond. It didn't help the cause in my eyes when it insisted I should burn my bra. Getting overwrought at being called a broad or babe was childish considering that women used similar terms of worship towards the male gender we found visually appealing.  It was this underlying tone of hypocrisy that disenchanted me. That whiff of deceit was confirmed many decades later by a friend who had been at a feminist seminar with Ms. Friedan. She discovered that under the influence of alcohol, Ms. Friedan admitted that she didn't care very much for women, especially those who were rabidly militant. By the early 70's the deceit level...(Read Full Article)