H.R.1: The House's Pig Pen

The pork-laden American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 passed by Democrats in the House is a huge pig pen. Thanks to the staff of Congressman Michael Burgess (TX-R., 26th Dist.), I waded through a hardcopy of Division A - Appropriations Provisions of H.R.1. It's painful and it's ugly.  (My reading of "Division B - Other Provisions," pages 251-647, which contains the bill's Tax provisions, will require OTC painkillers not currently in my possession.)  There's enough pork in Division A to rename the Washington D.C. Reflecting Pool the Bay of Pigs.  At the risk of hurting you, I list the bill's appropriations below. You can consult the entire bill for details, where there are any. And there are few. Most of the explanations for how the money is to be spent are as brief as fortune cookie notes, and opaque as peanut butter. I left the zeros in for impact and highlighted several of the larger numbers. It's possible there's a mistake in transcription, but...(Read Full Article)